Eco SUP Tour


Martha's Vineyard is home to a verity of vibrate wildlife and ecosystems. On this tour you will learn about unique adapations animals have that help them thrive on island. We commonly see a lot of birds including, Turns, Piping Plover, Sandpiper, Oyster Catchers, Gulls, Ospreys, Herons, Swans, Geese. The water, trees and eel grass beds and seafloor have vast diversity and details. 

By standing on the SUP you get an intimante vantage point, to see these amazing creatures in there habitat.  Explore the salt marsh and see baby fish and shelfish. Fresh water ponds offer even more diversity like frogs and turtles. Out on the ocean you never know what could be swiming underneath you.  Keep your eyes open on this tour you never know what you will see! 

Eel Pond is an ideal spot for coastal birds to nest, with protected islands and banks specifically for the birds to use. We watch from the water, prohibited from there land. While the guide narrates species and behavior.

Katama Bay is another great location for bird watching! Their are also lots of other animals we can talk about. You might have heard of Katama Oysters that are grown here. 

Tisbury Great Pond is a rich and diverse ecosystem, from the bottom a fish and crab nursery to the top competitive aviary foragers and hunters