SUP Qigong with Allison


SUP Qigong incorporates paddling, qigong and meditation. We begin by paddling to a peaceful cove and setting an anchor. While floating on the stand up paddle board Allison leads a qigong practice. Afterwards we paddle a little more and return to shore. This class is designed for beginners and can be enjoyed by all levels. 


Allison Cameron Parry is a certified Level 1 teacher of Wisdom Healing Qigong

Qigong is a 5,000+ yr old Chinese integrative system of self-healing through energy cultivation for staying healthful and young. Qigong is accessible for all levels of mobility and has been proven effective for managing symptoms of chronic illness, reducing stress, increasing happiness and overall wellbeing. 

Wisdom Healing Qigong utilizes healing intentions, gentle movements, guided visualizations & meditations, sounding and postures to harmonize energetic flow within the chakras, meridians and bodily organs for holistic healing of mind/body/spirit.

Practice consists of awakening vitality practice - a series gentle movements designed to gather healing chi and flow bodily energy for reduced pain, decreased stress, and increased flexibility & happiness. An energizing yet grounding practice.